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Robert’s Nursery Specializes in Tree Removal

At Roberts Nursery & Landscaping, we realize how beautiful and precious a tree can be. The loss of large beautiful shade tree can be extremely unfortunate. However, a diseased or dying tree can be a risk to your property or even your neighbors. As professionals we can safely remove your tree without damaging any property.

Can Your Tree be Saved?

We can assess your ailing trees to determine if they must be removed or if they may recover with the proper care. We are willing to attempt to save a distressed tree with our knowledge and expertise. Although we cannot guarantee the tree’s survival,  we can occasionally show proper care methods to get your tree back on track to become a healthy tree. If not, we can simply remove it completely and safely.


We commonly hear complaints about many landscaping companies leaving a mess behind for the homeowners. Limbs left lying about, piles of twigs and leaves strewn down the walkways and even stumps can be left to catch in the mower causing damage. At Roberts Nursery & Landscaping we always pick up all remains from our tree removal jobs and grind the stump off level with the ground. We can even remove the stump completely if you prefer.

Safe Removal

Our services include all types and sizes of trees. We can remove tall trees near your home or other structures without the slightest risk. Each year, many people are injured or even die from falling dead or diseased trees, and many homeowners are injured attempting to remove large trees themselves. Large tree removal can be dangerous and is best left to professionals with proper equipment and training to prevent injury. We can remove your tree safely, even if its branches stretch over your house.

Stump Grinding

We grind stumps to ground level

Robert’s Nursery in Mukwonago provides landscaping and tree services in all surrounding communities including Waukesha, Waterford, East Troy, North Prairie, Delafield, and more.